Roadway Lighting

From high mast tower lighting typical of an Interstate cloverleaf to rural road intersections; from city street lighting to highway ramps; from large parking lots to athletic field complexes, our experience is unrivaled. We furnish the total system from concrete footings to poles and lights, the raceway and wiring system to the specific controller.

Roadway with Voltmer Lighting Installation
Voltmer Sign Truck

Roadway Signing & Structures

On many of our highway projects we need to install simple stop sign assemblies or a massive steel overhead structure with large informative signs spanning four lanes of the Interstate highway system. Our expertise extends to both of these installations. In the example of the highway structure, we perform the excavation, the structural concrete, wire, steel erection, and sign installation.

Traffic Signals

Traffic signal systems are a mix of deep concrete footings, steel mast arm structures, traffic signal heads, signs, and a complex wiring system to complete the installation.  We have installed countless systems, turn-key, performing all the associated described work in over 50 communities throughout Iowa.

Intersection Traffic Signals
Voltmer's Airfield Systems

Airfield Systems

We provide, install and maintain all aspects of airfield lighting and signing systems.  These include medium/high intensity runway lights, Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPI), Runway End Indicator Lights (REIL), Automated Weather Observing Stations (AWOS), Glide Slopes, Localizers, and Medium Intensity Approach Lighting Runway Alignment Systems (MALSR). Voltmer Inc. has done a multitude of these installations throughout Iowa and Minnesota in the last few decades.

Commercial / Industrial

Voltmer Inc. has over 45 years of experience in the construction of large scale building and specialty electrical systems.  Our expertise and experience includes:

  • Standby Generators
  • Fire Alarms
  • Lighting Retrofits
  • New Construction
Commercial Office Lighting Example
Voltmer Solar Panels

Other Specialities

We have enjoyed a variety of unique electrical installations over the last four decades.  We have an extensive background in Waste Water Treatment Plants, medium voltage work 5K-15K, Solar Fields, Specialty Control Systems, and electrical work associated with the mining industry.